U-12 Tryouts (Players born on or after 9/1/2004.)

Tuesday, November 8th @ Pioneer Middle School – 6:00 to 8:00 PM 
Wednesday, November 9th @ Pioneer Middle School – 6:00 to 8:00 PM

U-14 Tryouts (Players born on or after 9/1/2002.)

Tuesday, November 8th @ Pioneer Middle School – 8:00 to 10:00 PM
Thursday, November 10th @ Pioneer Middle School – 6:00 to 8:00 PM


U-16 Tryouts (Players born on or after 9/1/2000.)

Tuesday, November 15th @ Pioneer Middle School – 6:00 to 8:00 PM
Thursday, November 17th @ Pioneer Middle School – 8:00 to 10:00 PM

U-18 Tryouts (Players born on or after 9/1/1998.)

Tuesday, November 15th @ Pioneer Middle School – 8:00 to 10:00 PM
Thursday, November 17th @ Pioneer Middle School – 6:00 to 8:00 PM

Tryout Process

We conduct 2 days of tryouts per age group. During tryouts, potential players are run through a series of drills that allow the coaches and evaluators to assess their volleyball (serving, forearm passing, overhead passing/setting, attacking, individual defense and blocking) and teamwork skills (coachability, bench attitude, frustration threshold, leadership, pick-up and teamwork). Don’t worry if your player feels she’s had an “off” day at tryouts. The coaches and evaluators are well aware of the pressure of tryouts and definitely take that into consideration.
Returning players must be in good standing with NCWVBC and the Evergreen Region from the previous year, or will not be allowed to tryout.
There is a pre-registration fee of $10.00 payable to NCWVBC to cover gym rental, shirts, and paperwork, plus a $8.00 Evergreen Region registration fee (www.evergreenregion.org) which is required and non-refundable for tryouts.
“Playing Up: Players may try out for an older team than their natural age group only after they tryout and make a team in their natural age group and would have to be selected to be on the highest level of the next age group”

TRYOUT REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS ***please bring the following***

All players who want to tryout must register with ERVA Evergreen Region through “Webpoint Login”. Cost is $8 online. Please bring a copy of your membership card with you the night of tryouts.

*** Forms that must be read and signed by players and parents.***

* Complete and bring Parent_Athlete Information Concussion Form or on NCWVBC.com, under the Information/FORMS tab or available at the attached link:
* Complete and bring 2016 Player Medical Release Form or or on NCWVBC.com, under the Information/FORMS tab or available at the attached link:
* Complete and bring Player Information Tryout Form 2016-2017_NCWVBC_Player_Info form or or on NCWVBC.com, under the Information/FORMS tab or available at the attached link:
* If not pre-registered with ERVA, there will be a $18 registration/tryout fee for players that want to register at the door. $8 goes to ERVA and the $10 goes to NCWVBC to cover costs of tryouts, including t-shirt, facility rental, admin costs, etc.



2017 Season Information



P.O. Box 4611

Wenatchee, WA 98807-4611



Coaching Staff

Our coaching staff varies from year-to-year. USA Volleyball currently has a minimum level education requirement in order to coach a USAV Junior Volleyball Program. This is satisfied with the completion of IMPACT (Increased Mastery and Professional Application of Coaching Theory) training, which all of our coaches attend each year PRIOR to beginning the season. In addition, coaches are encouraged to attend CAP (Coaching Accreditation Program) Level I every few years to keep them in touch with cutting-edge information in the areas of skill development, tactical systems, conditioning, motor learning, mental training and much more.

It takes a lot of time and energy to keep a club running and we are always looking for volunteers. Parents/guardians are asked to assist in their players’ individual team administration by:

Volunteering with NCWVBC

CHAPERONES – Each team is required to have two official team chaperones. Parent registration with Evergreen Region, and a background check is required.

PATH FINDER – Providing directions to/from tournament sites and hotels.

BOOKIE – Obtaining hotel room blocks during tournaments

DUE COLLECTOR – Collecting money

SNACK PARENT – Purchasing/transporting team snacks/food during tournaments (We recommend two sets of parents share this responsibility)

SCOREKEEPER – Providing tournament results to Assistant Club Director and be social media liaison

FUNDRAISING COORDINATOR – As necessary, serve as the team’s fundraising coordinator We are always looking for new helpers, coaches and ideas for making NCWVBC a better club! Don’t hesitate to contact any of our Board Members or current coaches with your ideas!


Board Members

NCWVBC Board of Directors:

Club Director: Jeff Riley;  (509) 670-1487 – cwwsc@aol.com

Secretary: Tina Mitchell; (509) 393-6116 – foxgirltce@aol.com

Treasurer: Stephanie Fuller; (509) 670-6364 – stephanie@stormymtn.com

Uniform Coordinator/Fundraising: Jodi Bobysud; (509) 998-6613 – jodi.bobysud@yahoo.com

Tournament Coordinator: Steve Forsberg; (509) 679-6025 – sforsberg14@gmail.com