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Sterling Int School Aux Gym

12:00 pm – U-18 Kayla

12:30 pm – U-16 Gold

1:30 pm – U-18 Karinne

2:00 pm – U-12 Black

2:30pm – U-12 Gold

3:00 pm – U-12 Red

3:30 pm – U-16 Elite

4:00 pm – U-14 Red

4:30 pm – U-16 Black

5:00 pm – U-16 Red

5:30pm – U-14 Gold

6:00 pm – U-14 White

6:30 pm – U-14 Gray

7:00 pm – U-14 Blue

7:30 pm – U-14 Black

We will be taking team and individual pictures


NCWVBC REF/SCORE Clinic Dates – Sunday, December 15TH

Wenatchee Valley College

10:00 am – 12:00pm – 16 Elite, 16 Black & 16 Red, 14 Black

12:00pm to 2:00pm – 14 Red, 14 White, 14 Gray, 14 Blue

2:00 pm to 5:00 PM – 12 Gold, 12 Black, 12 Red



NCWVBC REF/SCORE Clinic Dates – Saturday, December 21st

Wenatchee Valley College

10:00 am  to 12:00pm – 16 Gold, 14 Gold & Make up’s

12:00pm to 1:00pm – 18 Karinne & 18 Kayla

1:00pm to 3:00pm – R1 Class with all Coaches and all 18’s 


AFTER TRYOUTS – Your Next step

Team selection will not be announced at the end of tryouts. Teams will be posted on NCWVBC.com website within 48 hours of the final tryout date. Each athlete will be e-mailed an official ERVA Region Acceptance Agreement form.  This form needs to be turned in at your teams Mandatory  Parent Meeting/1st Practice.


  • Upgrade your USAV Membership registration through ERVA/USAV WebPoint from tryout member to a full junior membership. The cost is $55.00. Select North Central Washington VBC as your club.


  • Read & print 2019-2020 NCWVBC Handbook and sign last two pages and bring to the parent meeting.
  • Read & print 2019-2020 NCWVBC Letter of Commitment & Payment Schedule sign along with your $300 deposit for player fees and bring to the parent meeting.
  • Attend your teams Parent Meeting on your 1st practice day the week of December 1st.. Teams will be scheduled for specific times
  • Place your order from the Athlete Store –
  • VB Shoes – https://eastbaystore.com/OFTS3548?reload=true
  • http://coachsassistant.gtmsportswear.com/ncwvbcplayersstore?lockerid=51688
  • Place your order from the Fan Store – https://teamstore.gtmsportswear.com/ncwvbcFanStore
  • NCWVBC Picture day will be December 8th starting at noon. Teams will be scheduled for specific times. Board members will be distributing jerseys that day.
  • Attend Mandatory Referee Clinic
  • December 15 for U12, U14 (except Gold team) and U-16 (except Gold Team) at the Wenatchee Valley Community College, Wenatchee Hall. Teams will be scheduled for specific times
  • December 21 for U-14 Gold, U-16 Gold and 18’s teams at the Wenatchee Valley Community College, Wenatchee Hall. Teams will be scheduled for specific times

If you do not attend you will have to take a 4 hour online class before you will be allowed to play in a tournament per Evergreen Region requirements. NO EXCEPTIONS! We also encourage parents to attend the class as well! Please feel free to sit in and learn about common rules and scoring!


2020 Season Information



P.O. Box 4611

Wenatchee, WA 98807-4611



Coaching Staff

Our coaching staff varies from year-to-year. USA Volleyball currently has a minimum level education requirement in order to coach a USAV Junior Volleyball Program. This is satisfied with the completion of IMPACT (Increased Mastery and Professional Application of Coaching Theory) training. In addition, coaches are encouraged to attend CAP (Coaching Accreditation Program) Level I every few years to keep them in touch with cutting-edge information in the areas of skill development, tactical systems, conditioning, motor learning, mental training and much more.

It takes a lot of time and energy to keep a club running and we are always looking for volunteers. Parents/guardians are asked to assist in their players’ individual team administration by:

Volunteering with NCWVBC

CHAPERONES – Each team is required to have an official USAV registered team chaperone. Parent registration with Evergreen Region, and a background check is required and NCWVBC covers the cost.

BOOKIE – Obtaining hotel room blocks during tournaments

SNACK PARENT – Purchasing/transporting team snacks/food during tournaments (We recommend two sets of parents share this responsibility)

FUNDRAISING COORDINATOR – As necessary, serve as the team’s fundraising coordinator We are always looking for new helpers, coaches and ideas for making NCWVBC a better club! Don’t hesitate to contact any of our Board Members or current coaches with your ideas!


Board Members – 

NCWVBC Board of Directors – NCWVBC board members are volunteers and and do not get paid.

Club Director: Jeff Riley;  (509) 670-1487 – cwwsc@aol.com

Secretary: Eva Osburn; (509) 679-1988 – evaosburn3@gmail.com

Treasurer: Stephanie Fuller; (509) 670-6364 – srfuller@me.com

Uniform Coordinator/Fundraising: Karrie Wolsborn; (509) 393-4065 – karriew@nwi.net

Tournament Coordinator:  Fona Sugg-Mathena; (509) 860-2507 – jf3ds@msn.com

Board member – Chrissie Dahl; (509) 668-8575 – chrissiedahl67@yahoo.com

Board member – Connor Metcalfe; (949) 680-8955 – cmetcalfe829@gmail.com