The North Central Washington Volleyball Club (NCWVBC) recognizes the tremendous benefit that comes from participation in competitive team sports. We believe that NCWVBC offers promising athletes the opportunity to develop leadership, team skills and resilience—all of which contribute to academic and social success. NCWVBC firmly believes that no player should be denied this opportunity because of an inability to meet the basic financial requirements of being a rostered player. We are, therefore, proud to offer multiple scholarships to players accepted for a rostered spot on any of the club’s tournament teams for the 2018-2019 season. The scholarship amount can be part of or equal to the club dues for the team to which the player will be rostered.

NCWVBC Scholarship Application


Wenatchee Sports Council Scholarship Information

Wenatchee Sports Council  Foundation Scholarship Application – English


Wenatchee Sports Council Foundation Scholarship Application – Spanish


Inland Klassic  Scholarship Information

This year INK we will be partnering with Spike2Care with regards to junior scholarships. There is a common application that should make it easier for families. INK will administer this program for Spike2Care but Spike2Care will retain autonomy on the criteria and decision making for their scholarships.

 Application deadline will be December 15th. This means received not postmarked by.  We strongly encourage emailing applications rather than mailing them.  All applications should go to the account or to the address below:


PO Box 728   

Spokane, WA 99210

Inland Klassic  Scholarship Application


Love 11 Scholarships

Love 11 will  be awarding grants and scholarship commitments to youth sports organizations, schools and local programs within the community. We will partner with these local organizations and schools to offer a chance for the youth of the city of Spokane to participate. We aim to help fund these programs with scholarship pledges, equipment and grants. We are looking to help low-income and underprivileged kids, schools and neighborhoods. We provide children the ability to play sports regardless of social, cultural, or economic background the opportunity to develop fundamental life skills, a love of sports, and physical activity. Our target is children who do not have access to traditional sports programs due to barriers to participate.

Sports are not simply a way to get kids into shape, they provide an outlet for them where they can explore themselves, build character and helps  find something that they truly enjoy while building relationships that will last a lifetime.

Love11 Scholarship Application


NCWVBC Scholarship Application


NCWVBC Scholarship Information

Applications due: December 1, 2017

Number of Awards: To Be Determined (2-3)

Amount of award: Partial or Full amount of club dues

Eligibility: Parent must request application based on financial need.

Renewal: Possible. Player must reapply and compete with new applicants.


Application Process

  1. Parent(s) complete(s) the attached NCWVBC Scholarship Application.
  2. Player submits a minimum 400-word essay addressing one of the following topics:
    1. Why you want to play club volleyball and how it fits into your future plans.
    2. How playing sports has developed your leadership and team member skills.
    3. Describe an obstacle you have overcome and what you have learned from the experience.
  3. Include a copy of the player’s latest grade report. Grades may be used as a determining factor in the awarding of scholarships but should NOT be a deciding factor in whether or not a player should apply for a scholarship.
  4. Submit the application, grade report and essay to the following address by the due date. No applications will be accepted after the due date.
  5. It is understood that acceptance of an application does not guarantee a scholarship.


Jeff Riley, NCWVBC Director

P.O. Box 4611

Wenatchee, WA 98807-4611